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It started with the simple realization that agencies and clients will one day assume photographers can shoot both motion and stills proficiently.

It's already happening and we welcome it. Expertise in both may sound daunting but in reality it's all about putting in the time, learning the difference between what constitutes good lighting for stills vs. motion. It's about understanding what motivates a camera movement and how that will play out in the edit. It's about pulling authentic emotion out of your talent to get that perfect moment.

01 Ken Stav
Old School Cowboy

02 Neil Smith
Personal Trainer

Technology has empowered content creators like never before. It has micro-segmented the audience and productions that caters to them. Some folks photograph breathtaking mountain top images that took 6 hours to hike to in sleet and rain (starting at 3am). Yeah we know them, they are remarkable, and slightly insane. They have a unique scarcity in their commitment, one that is not found in most of us. 

For the rest of us mortals who point cameras at people and places, the ability to differentiate those skills has diminished. Everyone has a "nice" camera (phones do a great job). In-House production at larger companies and smaller agencies has grown substantially. While some production houses might not appreciate that erosion of services, we welcome it. Why? Well, we get to up our game and that should be what making images is alway about. Raising the bar. 

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