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The team at Glean has been a valued long term partner in key content moments for Sport Chek. They perfectly bridge the space between our in-house team and AOR.

Matthew Schwartz - Sport Chek, Senior Creative Lead

There's a place for quick phone snaps in our social feeds but Glean are who we call when professional photography is required. The content they provide is world class.

Brett Ireland - CEO Bear Hill Brewing Company

We love the enthusiasm of Glean's crew. They are invested in working with us in a range of budgets from documentary style social content to larger scale brand efforts.

Shelley Girard - VP Brand Strategy - ALCANNA

Glean is my production secret when we need the high touch quality that leaves an impression. This testimonial will self destruct.

Dave Imbach - Partner at Saw Strategic

Nice Van.

Peter Markowski - Gaffer of few words

Small crew hustle, big toy muscle. We've developed semi-religious zeal around the production tools we use. We leverage the latest video production tech to enable smaller crews to do more than a traditional film crew. That's great news for our client's bottom line.
If effeciency was a religion, we'd be the Pope.

Commercial grade photography and video production is what we specialize in. Our work has been seen by millions across Canada. Working with some of the largest retailers in Canada we've got the experience to help your message succeed.

The Work

Strategy | Content Production | Engagement

For over a decade we've been improving content production to maxmize output, while staying true to quality. We live comfortably between in-house production and traditional AOR campaigns.
That's our sweet spot.

Jasper Brewing

Instagram Portrait Series Documenting the Authentic Characters of Jasper, Alberta

Fake News for SPJ.org

A Commercial for the Society of Professional Journalists

Atmosphere - WOODS

Lifestyle Photography Campaign shot in Vancouver

BTS of NHL SuperStar Content

How many different cameras in a single day? Lots.

Inn From The Cold Campaign - Mother's Day

A touching story of 2 lives coming together. Directed by Chris Petry and John Cameron at META Director of Photography Noah Fallis

Honda - Motor Mouth Dad

Agency: WAX, Client: Honda

CTV Campaign with Kathy Le

If you live in Calgary, you've seen this.

Sport Chek Content Video shoot

Shot for in-store, but the client wanted to make it a National Commercial. Ok?


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