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Glean Productions

Glean is a content production house that has a history of creating both tactical and branded assets for some of the biggest retailers in Canada. Our mantra of "Small Crew Hustle, Big Toy Muscle" enables higher production value while increasing photo/video output. Quality and volume, the answer is "yes".

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Big Toys

When you show up with a production truck loaded with gear and a carefully orchestrated plan to deploy it, time becomes your friend. The vast majority of our equipment is the latest and greatest in High output LED and battery powered strobe units. All of which was curated for a speedy setup and strike. We are all efficiency nerds that have an equal passion for creating beautiful imagery.


While efficiency in content production is all fine and dandy, it's not going to make a good story around a campfire. Unless you are camping out with a bunch of grip folks, who are lego masters. Lego and fire is bad for the environment. Don't do it.

When we talk about lighting you will see our faces light up. Crafting the light to emote a specific mood while capturing the technicalities of a product is our jam. The art of satisfying the brand aesthetic while keeping the buyers happy is paramount. It's a tightrope that when we started 10 years ago, we gingerly walked across. Now with a decade of experience, we do blindfolded backflips in heels over a pit of lava with sharks. Crispy, crispy sharks (you thought it, we know).



We are a small crew that has big ideas & brings big toys.

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